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A natural smile…fillings and tooth coloured bondings

Taking care of your teeth is so important and at Windsor Advanced Dentistry we are recognised for our reputation in helping you do that.

Sadly your teeth, gums and general oral hygiene can often be neglected when it comes to the daily living.  Therefore if you don’t get check-ups or have them maintained you are likely to see deterioration over time.  In short, bad teeth and gums affects both your mouth and your overall health.  It can also affect your self-confidence severely.

A common treatment at the dentists is fillings and bondings.  Bonding is a treatment that can completely transform your smile giving you the confidence to smile a whole lot more.  It is a highly skilled treatment though and involves the use of a mouldable material known as dental composite.

Those who have dental cavities and who prefer ‘white fillings’ are most likely going to experience the use of this composite during treatment.  It can also be used for replacement of broken or even chipped teeth and it is also useful for closing the gaps between teeth that have been reshaped.  In effect, if you’re having this kind of treatment then you’re getting a ‘smile makeover’ that offers not only an aesthetically beautiful smile but also healthier, stronger and more durable teeth.

At Windsor Advanced dentistry we offer a very highly skilled service to all kinds of clients and we pride ourselves in offering treatment that is bespoke and based on the very best treatments for a perfect outcome.  The benefit of having tooth coloured fillings is of course that it means there is a more natural look to your teeth.  Thus should you throw your head back and laugh out loud, people won’t see the less attractive grey fillings (amalgam fillings).

If you have relatively healthy teeth but want to improve your overall smile and look of your teeth from the outside in, then you can consider having your amalgam fillings replaced with tooth coloured fillings instead.

There are a range of case studies and patient testimonials for your browsing consideration to look at on the web site that can be viewed individually here. So if you’re considering cosmetic dentistry please contact us to make an appointment and consultation to help you smile again.